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Ina Scholte-Albers

Ina Scholte-Albers

It seems that a visitor takes about 9 seconds to discover an artwork, stops for a moment, has a quick look and then immediately goes for the title. Does a title give a total explanation for what he sees? Is that perhaps what he wishes?

And what happens if I don't give a title?
Could that be an invitation to really look better and maybe to discover something you didn't see in the first place?

My inspiration is based on fantasy. If you consult a dictionary for an explanation, you'll find that fantasy is something discernible from the ordinary. This gives me the liberty to ignore all of the official rules. I engage myself in an eternal voyage with many directions between imagination and reality.

I prefer not to give titles, in order to demand creative reflection.

Born in 1958 in the Netherlands, I started an education in art in 1979 which I finished in 1985. After some different experiences I was a teacher in art in between 1987 and 1993.
In 1999 I started a professional career as a full-time artist. I have had exhibitions in Holland, Sweden, Germany, Switzerland, France, Austria and, of course, England.

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