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Brian Steventon RBSA, MBA

Brian Steventon RBSA, MBA

I am inspired by the abstract element within the subject, very often atmospheric and light conditions enhance the abstract quality that I am seeking. Sometimes it is the bigger landscape that I find inspirational, other times it can be merely a cameo of the overall view, but there is rarely a day goes by when I don't see something that inspires me to paint. As well as visiting the more wild open spaces, such North Norfolk or the Peak District / North Yorkshire Moors or The Lakes etc. I also find inspiration from a normal busy street scene, where the light conditions can create superb atmospheric conditions and abstract qualities. Areas such a Cornwall, Pembrokeshire, North Norfolk, Suffolk and Italy offer such excellent light conditions for me.

The starting point for all paintings is the collection of material based on the above elements. Painting on the spot can produce a finished work, or it may be the starting point for a variety of paintings on a theme to be painted back in my studio. Once I have the material at my finger tips, I can move into painting the subject in a variety of ways. Very often the subject matter will push me in a certain direction. The same subject matter can also provide many options to be explored. I always look at things in a contemporary way, and look to stamp my own identity on a subject, after all we are of our time.

An artists work should be consistently shifting, moving forward, always looking for new avenues to express ones vision. For me I can only achieve this the more that I paint, the more that I gain confidence in applying paint, the more that I can express freely by pushing the paint and the subject matter in unison. The end result is I hope a work that is fresh, free of labour and true expression of how I feel about a subject. As a result of this, I learn new techniques along the way and this helps in introducing new aspects to my work.

I am influenced by artists such as Edward Seago, John Singer Sargent, Joan Eardley, Harry Becker, Fred Cuming and the Scottish Colourists all great contemporary artists of their time. I am also intrigued by the work of Kurt Jackson, who has such an unusual vision on landscape.

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