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David Farren

David Farren

David was born in Wiltshire and gained a reputation as a modern impressionist, using open brushwork and colour to represent the energy and movement of the landscape. He is fascinated by the changing light within a scene and how it determines the mood of a place at a particular time be it a busy New York street or a quiet corner of France.
The Artist States: The painting process begins with finding inspiration -walking the streets of New York or London with my sketchbook and camera, looking for interesting light and compositions. I'm often up before dawn so I can be in location for sunrise when there's a strong contrast between the warmth of the sun, lighting up the edges of figures and cars, and the long cool shadows. I then take all the ideas and information back to my garden studio where I work from the sketches to create the finished paintingis currently working at his studio in South of France and exhibiting widely in leading galleries across the country. His paintings are held in private collections in the UK, France, USA and Ireland.

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