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Jacquelyn E. Hindle

Jacquelyn E. Hindle

Jacquelyn was first inspired by a school trip to the British
museum and saw the Horse of the Parthenon head and with a mixture of emotion from that experience and watching horses on the Heath at Newmarket as a child, a passion for horses,their beauty, power and grace was formed. Having been around and working with horses all her life and amongst other animals this all contributed to her passion to try to recreate the 'essence' and individual character of each piece. Hares are another strong influence in her work. Self taught, she studies all her subjects, first doing lots of anatomical studies, sketching etc, then forms drawings of the ideas and finally a '3 D sketch' with wire, to see how the idea works from all angles, hoping to produce an accurate portrayal both of movement and character. Having worked in many mediums she is now enjoying working in bronze and experiencing first hand the foundry work involved in producing and finishing each individual piece. Each of her sculptures is limited to an edition of 25 and is signed by the artist and numbered accordingly.

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