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David Wadsworth

David Wadsworth

David J Wadsworth was born in Surrey in southern England which is where he spent his
childhood. At the age of twenty the desire to explore and expand compelled David to leave
the UK and enjoy a time of travel, a path which eventually led to Scandinavia and to Sweden's
capital city of Stockholm, which has become the artists home base.
Before turning to sculpture David spent 15 years working as an illustrator and animator,
producing both two dimensional illustrations and 3D computer generated graphics. After
studying art and sculpture at the Stockholmskonstskolan (2009 - 2010 Stockholm Art School)
David decided to drop illustration and instead concentrate solely on sculpture. The tactile
nature of sculpture felt so natural and irresistibleworked for several years with clay in 2011 David moved to San Miguel de Allende
in central Mexico in order to learn the Lost Wax process and commence his love affair with
bronze sculpting.
David spent the next three years developing his wax technique, which is the fundamental first
step to bringing the final bronze figure to life. David believes that it is the twists and turns on
the wax surface, which become the light reflecting facets, that give the finished bronze it's depth
and movement.
It is inevitable that ones artistic environment influences the art of the artist, David believes that
this is reflected in his sculpture. He sees, in his art, a combination of Scandinavian reserve,
the simplicity of expression and the almost functional, together with the exuberance of Latin
America. The two opposites sit comfortably in his work. The figures contain a solidity and
conformity, but there is an element which tries to break away from the rigidity and threatens to
unbalance the composition, giving it a sense of peril within the robustness.
David plans to continue working with the theme of the 'unpredictable'. A bronze can survive
the test of time over thousands of years but, if during all that time it can convey to the viewer a
sense of unpredictability, it has never really stood still.
David has exhibited in Stockholm, Mexico city and San Miguel de Allende, Mexico. His work is
in private collections in Sweden, Mexico and the United States.

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