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Tina Stokes SWA

Tina Stokes SWA

Tina Stokes was born in the West Midlands 1964. She studied at Walsall college of art and Exeter College of Art graduating with a BA Hons Fine Art and Sculpture.
Today Tina is established as one of South Devon's most popular artists. She paints using Oils and Acrylic often en plein air. Stokes is inspired by the ever changing light conditions, and her soft dreamy style and palette is reminiscent of Turner. I have been painting and drawing for as along as I can remember. As a young girl my only interest was playing with a paint brush. My dream was always to paint. After much encouragement by my family I was accepted at Walsall Art College and thereafter Exeter College of Art and Design. During this time my emotional desire drew me closer to the coast, where I became increasingly captivated by the ever changing moods. Moving ever closer to the water and grasping the opportunity, I set up studio on the edge of the Exe Estuary and this now being the inspiration for much of my work for many years.
Each day holds a new attraction and a sense of excitement. The dorbs of paint that set upon my pallet are quickly mixed to create the unique, ever changing atmosphere that lies beyond my window. The powerful skies with the colours and movement , create a frenzy with the paintbrush. My ideal time being early morning with its fresh brightness and evening light with magical sunsets.

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