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Max R Cameron

Max R Cameron

Maxine Cameron trained at The Norwich School of Art under John Lessore and john
Wonnacott. She was awarded the Sir Winston Churchill prize for most promising student.
She has exhibited widely throughout E.Anglia, London and at the Bristol & NewYork Art fairs.
She now lives and works in Suffolk concentrating on her eclectic Wildlife paintings, expressionistic Landscapes and recently Graphite works on paper.I have enjoyed forging these images from Graphite on Canvas textured Acrylic paper for this collection.
The roughness of the paper resists the ease of the line & demands a more persistent approach.
The texture of the surface itself becomes an active element of the work.

Depicting the landscapes of East Anglia, where the trees wave to the skyline
And the winding paths are worn deep into the soils.

Much is reliant on the symbiosis with the landscape that enables the image to emerge and complete its own creation.
It is then caught in stasis for as long as the information exists.

Her Art works are bold, stylish and empathetic, evoking both a sense of drama and quite engagement,
like a ripple through time surprising us at each viewing.

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