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Rebecca J Mansbridge

Rebecca J Mansbridge

In 2004 Rebecca joined a local workshop group which taught the skills for copper foil work and fusing glass - and fell in love with glass. She has been exploring the colours and delicate beauty of this material ever since.
She is an established glass artist inspired by the joy and wonder of the natural world to create delicate and intricate fused glass artworks that capture the tranquillity and magic of nature.
Her creative process involves studying and then interpreting her chosen subject matter before working through the technical process required to achieve the visual depth and often very delicate detail. This can involve up to four layers of glass and the addition of countless intricate details before the firing process can begin.
Rebecca will fire a piece several times, gradually building up the layers so that there is visual depth and interest in all her pieces.
Rebecca absolutely loves colour and her glass reflects this. All of her pieces delight in colour. Originally all her work was abstract, but in 2010 she began exploring how to represent nature in glass and found that she loves to interpret nature in glass.

Sheets of clear and coloured glass are cut into shapes (triangles, curves). These are fired in the kiln and I then take these individual pieces and place them together. These are then 'tack' fused in the kiln. The heat in the kiln slumps the glass to create beautiful curves and
shapes. I cannot predict how each piece will slump. The resulting glass catches the light in a myriad of ways and is very tactile. It looks like ripples in the water.

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