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Gabriel Ortega

Gabriel Ortega

Gabriel Ortega is a Colombian artist born in 1969, influenced by the culture of the comic. This interest lead him to begin his studies in the art school project in Medellin and then in Valencia, Spain where he studied Fine Arts. He currently lives and works in Italy.

Ortega's work combines painting with sculpture, making each piece a little scenario in which superheroes entrusted to any mission or presented as cult figures stand out. The use of Tintin, the main character in the work of Ortega, is intended to show the iconic connotations of the character. These characteristics are determined by which represents itself the character, its moral values and their unwavering determination to carry out its mission. So when Tintin embodies a superhero or a Saint, it is intended to indicate that the mission is in good hands.

In his twenty years of intense professional career, Ortega has had over eighty exhibitions in Europe, Asia, South and North America, such as the Hall of the frescoes of Le Sibille di Raffaello in the Chiostro of the Bramante, Intelligent Building in Medellín EEPP, Guest Artist of the 21st International Exhibition of Comics in Barcelona, Cow Parade in Barcelona, Museum of Water among others.

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