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Will Teather

Will Teather

British artist Will Teather is known for creating contemporary images that reveal an adventurous imagination combined with a mastery of traditional skills.

The artist's figurative paintings and drawings often depict curious characters caught up in uncanny situations. Influenced by magical-realism and lifting motifs from diverse sources such as Flemish still life, baroque art and Weimar painters, the artist enters into conversation with the history of painting with the aim of bringing a present-day sensibility to the table.

Magical Realism Series
I created a series of paintings which extensively incorporated observational drawing of live models and props over an extended period. As an artist exploring realist painting, this is a departure from my previous reliance on photography and collage as source material.
I developed props and costumes to work from, to create magical realist narratives that explore contemporary ideas of the uncanny. This has led to a growing body of surreal compositions, informed by this process.Teather's work is arresting, heart-stopping and exquisitely executed. Laura Williams, Art historian, East Publishing / Art 1821

A leading UK artist.and Journal, Scotland

It is theatre, storytelling and art, woven into a single painting.Pebble Publishing

Teather's works frequently wrenches us back and forth through time and style; As we are shifted between romanticism and classicism, we are left entranced, entertained and certainly captivated by the uncertainties.Powell, Academic & writer for Wall Street International

Utterly beautiful, and one of the highlights of the fair as a wholeWhite, Remote Goat

Very cleverand beautiful.News

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