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Sienna Frost

Sienna Frost

Living in the Suffolk countryside, Sienna spent her childhood amerced and fascinated by nature. She always had a special love of rivers and the wildlife that frequent the banks, which is reflected in her ethereal paintings of the majestic kingfisher.
"I often go for long walks with my two dogs along the river in the hope of spotting my elusive subject matter - the Kingfisher, in person. With their vibrant, bold colours, their beauty is hard to miss, yet the rarity of these birds means I've only ever seen a handful in my lifetime. While I continue to seek them out on my walks, I keep their image alive in painting form so I can enjoy their elegance and colours over and over again."
"I use oil paints to create a blurred, muted background to help the Kingfishers strong colours stand out and make them as impactful as possible.I want them to be the main event of the painting!"
Sienna paints from her studio at home where she feels most relaxed: "I am a sucker for a bit of peace and quiet, and with an energetic young daughter in the house, I don't get much of that! So I am always grateful for a bit of time in the studio, cup of tea in hand and my dogs by my side.

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