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Juana Canas

Juana Canas

Juana Cañas was born in Andalusia, Spain. After living and working in the U.S., she returned to Spain and attended the Academy of Fine Arts in Madrid and the Brita Prinz School of Etching. There she cultivated her interest in Realism, Impressionism, and the Renaissance period. Her work includes drawings, oils, and prints, though she now concentrates almost exclusively on bodegones-still life painting. Highly influenced by the methods of the Old Masters, she uses a technique called grisaille and glaze which begins with a monochrome base that acts as a reflective layer. With this method, the artist has tremendous control over shadow and texture and in the case of Cañas, enables her to capture the warm Spanish light of her studios in Madrid and Toledo. Since the 1960s, Cañas has taken part in exhibitions and solo shows in the U.S., U.K., and her native Spain. Her paintings are held in the Spanish National Heritage Collection as well as many private collections. In the national Spanish newspaper El Pais, her work has been described as still life paintings which capture the finest Spanish tradition of the genre.

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